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Affordable basics that fully and thoughtfully celebrate & reflect diversity
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      Our Story

      Childhood friends turned business partners Rewina and Tyobista co-founded Kaba Baby to promote Black and Brown excellence while creatively inspiring the next generation. Born in the land of origins east of the Nile and now based in Philadelphia, these two young Black women entrepreneurs work to create a children’s clothing line that highlights the stories and successes of those who paved the way.

      Rewina, a relatively new momma and Tyobista, an avid auntie, wanted children's items that reflected positive images of people that looked just like the little ones in their lives, images that children of color could see themselves in and draw inspiration. Filling their world with beautiful affirmation that anything and everything is possible. It was this and the lack of such products made from high-quality material that ultimately inspired the creation of Kaba Baby.

      Crafted From Culture

      Kaba - A traditional, opulent robe worn by the Ethiopian kingdom of royals and is considered a highly integral part of Ethiopian culture. An Ethiopian cultural symbol of grace, royalty, and luxury, worn only during the finest of occasions; a fitting name for a brand of quality and intricate specialty. Kaba Baby pieces are crafted from 100% organic cotton with creative prints, each clothing set is rare and authentic - made to wrap your little one in sweet regal style.

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      Promoting Black & Brown Excellence 

      Our thoughtfully curated pieces promote black and brown excellence. Each piece of Kaba Baby product tells a story. Their simple but eloquent designs are inspired by legends and unsung heroes that have made a lasting mark on innovation and excellence. In revering the past we aim to inspire our young royals, from their earliest of memories. Through the message tied to each piece, we plant dreams and bravery in those tiny, proud hearts. They will look at each character and feel a sense of possibility; the knowledge that they can be and do anything they want because they are infinite. We believe in actively choosing to show them images of those who broke barriers, who set records, broke records and excelled in their chosen paths in spite of adversity. Our brand empowers through creative education igniting the simple dare to dream.

      Rooted In Sustainability 

      We care about the earth as much as we care about your crawlers. We make sure we are kind to this planet we call home. Our ethos is deep-rooted in sustainability, creating each piece with 100% organic cotton. We also use recyclable or reusable packaging across the brand. We believe in the green dream and we live it out by conscious packaging and conscious purpose.

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