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      The one thing in every parent's mind the minute they know they are expecting a baby is to protect this little, precious human being. On your shopping list, cotton products must have featured because cotton is the best, as we all know. While this is true, organic cotton has proven to be a better option than conventional cotton in many ways. But, why is organic cotton superior? Does your baby need it? Is it worth all the fuss? Well, here are a few reasons why organic cotton deserves your attention, and frankly, that of every parent you know.

      High-Quality Material

      100% organic cotton does not contain any harsh chemicals. To grow this type of cotton, you will need natural GMO seeds, which are untreated. For this reason, the clothes produced are high-quality and more durable. You don't need to replace your child's clothes every few months because of wear and tear. 

      GOTS or Global Organic Standard stipulates the standards manufacturers need to meet to ensure organic products hitting the market are actually organic. The certification gives you the power to choose truly green products that are of high quality. 

      Better & Safer Choice 

      Ever seen those small breakouts or recurring rashes on your munchkin's skin that you have no idea where they came from? Although these reactions can come from the food they consume, clothes are also a culprit. Conventional cotton often contains harmful pesticides, toxic heavy metals, and chlorine bleach that might result in rashes and breakouts on your baby’s soft & sensitive new skin. On the other hand, organic cotton is grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, which means there’s no chemical residue in the fabric which makes it a safe and reliable option. 

      Sustainable & Eco-Friendly 

      Part of raising a healthy child is maintaining the environment around them. 100% organic cotton is grown naturally without any additional fungicides, insecticides, synthetic fertilizers, and other chemicals that are harmful to our surroundings. These chemicals lead to soil erosion and water pollution. Pollution has led to diseases, lack of clean water or food, and effects of global warming. According to USDA's National Organic Program, organic cotton farming stores carbon in the soil, preventing carbon emissions. By using it, you are helping mother nature heal herself and ensuring your child lives in a clean and healthy environment free from pollution.

      We could go on and on, but the bottom line is, using 100% organic cotton has several long-term benefits for your child. We ensure the organic cotton used is 100% GOTS certified and safe for your little one, and so should you.